About Us


In 2009, I started on a journey that would ultimately lead me here. I jumped into the world of tech after being in the construction trades for the previous 8 years. By 2011, I struck out on my own and began this company. We've been through a name change and many, many certifications from Apple and other third party vendors, but the vision has stayed the same.

I've always seen the potential in new technology when it's integrated appropriately. I've also always been an early adopter. I think it's just in me to push for the ability to do more, but I also firmly believe that if the technology isn't serving the vision of whoever it's being implemented for, then it's the wrong thing to do.

I want to help people by coming alongside them, understanding their vision for their lives and companies, and helping them leverage the technology we have available at any given time to achieve that vision. Sometimes we may even have to get creative and think so far out of the box that we have to make something new. That's what I love to do, help other people realize their goals in business and life.

Sometimes, I find myself having to go to bat for my clients with one of their other vendors, and I love that too. I want to help businesses grow. I want to make people productive. I love seeing those "lightbulb moments" in my clients. That's always been the heart of this company. It's always been our vision.


I've always been an improver. I grew up on a farm, and 4H was a huge part of my life. My family instilled in me the idea that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing the best you can do. Sometimes that meant making the same recipe 47 times until you knew you had all the components just right. 

I worked in finance for several years and took care of people's future. I learned how important it was to make decisions carefully, making a strategic plans based off of current situations that are sustainable, manageable, and repeatable . This will take you further than quick and flashy ideas. I learned how to adjust and optimize the resources people do have and invest in long term solutions and not just the now.

I started working at iCan in March 2019, two days before everyone was locked down for covid. Fortunately, Adam and I are married, so we didn't miss a step. We worked through the lockdowns and subsequent years to hone our business. When we couldn't work our business, we worked on our business. 

I'm currently on track to get my Apple certifications too, and I'm learning more every day. Growing up on my parent's farm, I never thought I'd be working in the advanced technologies I'm using every day now. Life is funny that way sometimes. One thing hasn't changed though, the work ethic and ideals of the farm haven't left me. We're here to work.