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How we help our clients

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How we help our clients

We help our clients advance past their current situations. We have the ability to jump to the most modern and furthest advancements, but we also recognize that everyone isn’t able to jump to the end. We don’t even think every business should, at least not right away. We’ll always push for the adoption and implementation of things we think will make your business better and make your job easier, but we also understand that our schedule of improvements isn’t the same as yours. We don’t believe that progress just for the sake of progress is good. Change is necessary for survival, but too much too fast can cause frustration and burnout. We’re not about that.

We don’t believe that progress just for the sake of progress is good.

From the very beginning, we’ve been creating systems to improve business processes. The truth is, Adam has always hated paperwork. He’s been searching for solutions to that problem since 2010. Rule # 2 of iCan is: People should do people work, computers should do computer work. There are better ways to get information to decision makers than having people turn in handwritten paperwork. At the very least, the improvement over some people’s penmanship will save countless hours. Yes, putting devices in everyone’s hands can get expensive, but you only have to buy those once every 3-5 years. It’s better than squinting at letters that look like numbers every day.

People should do people work. Computers should do computer work.

We have fully embraced technology, both in our professional and personal lives. Many of the solutions we offer are technologies we have implemented ourselves. We’ve tried them, tested them, and proved them. We recognize that the world we walk in day to day can be mystifying, so we do our best to keep things simple with numerous examples and analogies. We’re not going to just “talk tech” to you out of the box. When we come up with solutions for our clients, we are all of the “geek” but very little of the “speak”. We know it’s complicated, and we take on the complications for our clients, so they can enjoy the benefits of the technological improvements without having to tweak every little thing.

We're not going to just "talk tech" to you out of the box.

We want to partner with you, learn about your company, and provide you with the biggest wins first from that place. What we don’t want is to come in and offer you a lot of things you don’t need or want just because it’s “technology” We take a very holistic approach to your business needs, and the emphasis there is that it’s your business. We’re here to support you. Sometimes that even means telling you “No”. Our goal is to make sure that all of the work we do is for the benefit of your business. We want to see our clients grow. That’s what we’re about. 

We want to see our clients grow.
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